OU Rugby 101

What Do I need to Join?

To join the Ohio University Men’s Rugby Club and add to our quest for Mid-American and National title here is what you need to know:

  • Practice for Fall Semester starts on Monday August 24 at 5pm!  Fall practice runs Monday-Friday from 5-7
  • Our practice/game field is located on South Green behind the Front Four Dorms
  • For equipment you will need your own cleats and mouthpiece. The team will have rugby shorts and socks available for sale.
  • You will need to fill out the Assumption of Risk form with Club Sports online at http://www.imleagues.com
    • If you have any questions about signing up, follow this “IMLeagues HowTo
    • If you do not have a chance to sign up online, please show up to practice and we will have a paper form for you to fill out. You will just have to sign up that night after practice online. So filling it out before saves you from having to do it twice.

    -We also need everyone to fill out the Drivers Verification Form online.

    • Yes, this is new! But it’s simple. Anyone that may drive themselves or other club members to a club event needs to submit a copy (photo copy or .jpeg) of their license, vehicle registration and insurance. It’s easy to do, just take a photo of all the items sitting together and upload it! Once in the beginning of the year will work for the whole academic year!
  • For more information contact coach William Griffes at wg202405@ohio.edu or any of our officers 

One Response to OU Rugby 101

  1. kim says:

    Where is your 2013 Schedule???

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