To join our Alumni Listserve follow this link. The listserve is used to send email communication between alumni:

Subscribe to the Alumni Newsletter to stay update with current undergraduate team. To subscribe to the Alumni Newsletter follow this link:

If you are interested in helping out the undergraduate club financially here are a few ways:

  1. Jim Farmer Alumni Endowment

To support the Jim Farmer Mens Rugby Alumni Fund go to the Ohio University Foundation gifting page:  You’re given a choice of just a gift, fulfilling a pledge, or making a recurring gift.  Where it asks for the designation, type in “Jim Farmer Mens Rugby Fund”.  You can also add the account number, which is FN1110136.


If sending a check please write on a piece of paper accompanying their check, the same information as above: Jim Farmer Mens Rugby Fund and/or FN1110136. You can send checks to:

The Ohio University Foundation

PO Box 869
Athens, OH 45701



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